Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just had to change the blog.

Okay Enough!  Valentine's is over.  Time to think about spring!!!  The days are getting longer and that means more to me than even having warm temperatures (which we don't).  The dogs are just out of their minds when it is nice enough to play outside but I still have a lot of ice in my backyard.  Today is busy, Seamus our therapy dog has been invited to visit a local middle school's "Dog Lover's Club"!!!  I will have to take some pictures and while I am thinking of it, better go charge my camera battery.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and THINK SPRING!!!


Sandra :) said...

When hubby got home tonight I ran outside in a t-shirt to say hi - and I didn't turn into a frozen Sandrasicle in 3 seconds! Spring is in the air ... FINALLY!!! Of course - now we're under a STORM WATCH for tomorrow, LOL!!! Oh well - spring is more appreciated when winter puts up a fight first! ;) (OK, yes, I'm trying to convince myself, LOLOL).

Allie said...

Blog looks great, Mickie, and I love your stitcheries! I'm loving the longer days too, but sure wish the warm temps would come too. Congrats to Seamus!