Friday, December 31, 2010

Hem your blessings

I found this great  quote:
"Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel." (Author Unknown) on the web one day. 
2010 has been a very challenging year for us but thankfully, our children are happy and healthy despite the struggles this year. 

My mom is back in the hospital so DH and I are monitoring her situation and also my nieces who were visiting her when she got so sick again. Last night Uncle Brad made the girls shrimp stirfry and I taught Christina to embroider:

We wish everyone in blog land a healthy and safe holiday and new year of peace and plenty.  Please be careful if you are going out this New Year's Eve!!!!
Hugs, Nana Mickie, family and poodles


Linda Ruthie said...

I like that quote! I think many of us have been challenged this past year. Being thankful for our blessings helps to keep things in perspective.
Thank you for your sweet New Year's wishes and know that I wish the same for you and your family.

Allie said...

Mickie, I am keeping your mum in prayer prayer is for her health to improve...and for this to be a wonderful year for you and your beautiful family.

John'aLee said...

I hope your mom is doing okay! Good for you passing on down the art of embroidery. I think it is great when we find one in the younger generation who is even interested. I had a quilt shoppe for years and do you think I could even get one of my girls interested??? Not!
Happy New Year!

Cat Street Boyz said...

We hope you have a wonderful New Year full of huggs and whisker kisses=^Y^=