Tuesday, February 23, 2021

To-Do-Tuesday: February 23, 2021

 Well it's been a long time since I felt I could continue posting sewing goals.  My problem has been my knee so for now my Rainbow Scrap Challenge is on hold.  The pattern I chose is paper pieced and that means getting up and down too much.

The knee is slowly healing but some things still bother me like getting up and down from sitting.

I'm also not sure what I'm going to do about the Stay At Home Round Robin piece.  This is where it was when I fell:

Emily from the blog, The Darling Dogwood suggested that the white crosses looked like a picket fence and I liked her perspective.  I've taken off the side green borders and hope to surround it with pickets.  I think that I may just leave the piece like that because I like it.  Sometimes less is more.

I've worked on my embroidery but got bored with it.  I'm awaiting some templates and hope to do some applique.  The other sewing I've done is chain piecing my star quilt.  I normally don't like chain piecing but it helps with my knee right now and I only have one more star to finish today before assembling the top. 

It snowed again yesterday.  We still have so much snow in our region and we got more yesterday.
Like everyone else, I'm ready for spring!
Have a safe and happy day!


Sherrie said...

Beautiful Stay at Home Round Robin quilt...so pretty. I think
the pickets would really set the quilt. We've had more snow than
usual here. But it's starting to melt. Have a great day!

Frédérique said...

Lovely SAHRR top, I agree with Emily, these plus blocs look like a fence, and it's very pretty. Very spring colors!

chrisknits said...

You can stop whenever you feel like it. The SAHRR was a prompt to make, not an order! Your piece will be perfect with the fence borders. Thanks for linking up today!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele! I am so sorry to hear about your knee. I'll add you to my prayers and hope you are good as new shortly. I can definitely see the picket fence! You know, often the fencing doesn't run on all four sides, for whatever reason. I think your piece looks beautiful as is - it is the PERFECT vision for Spring. No need to go further if you are happy with it! I'm not sure of the size but it looks to be a perfect wall hanging size right this minute. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

Marti said...

Your Round Robin is so pretty, and now that you mention it, the white crosses do look like pickets in spring.