Thursday, February 25, 2021

I Like Thursdays: February 25, 2021

It's "I Like Thursdays" and time to fill the internet with positive energy!  Visit our hostess Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color for more positive posts!

I like...

My husband got home safely on Sunday!  He'd been working on a "two week" job that went to 7 weeks.  It's good to have him home!

It stopped snowing!  We have a thaw and warmer temps going on right now which is wonderful.  I think the weatherman said at the beginning of the week that we still had an average of 22 inches of snow on the ground.  It's a nice thaw for us too, not too fast that we have flooding in our homes.  We are GRATEFUL!!!

Poodle wrestling!  Thank goodness Scout has her friend Kerry!

I like the communal cooking we are doing.  My "bubble" consists of my husband, Mom, and my brother Jim and his wife.  Once a week or so, somebody cooks a regular batch of something good and shares it with the others.  On Sunday I made a big batch of lasagna for my husband and everyone enjoyed it!  Mom's about to make homemade macaroni and cheese and we are looking forward to that!

I'm interested in doing applique again and did scrap practice over the weekend.  I'm tired of embroidery for now and need an evening project.  Beth suggested using Lori Holt's method and I'm enjoying it!

I finally went to the doctors about the knee.  I knew it was healing but my husband insisted.  As I suspected, the MCL is torn.  Ligament tears aren't fun because they take so long to heal but it could have been so much worse.  Doc said it will be at least 4-6 weeks before I can walk the dog again but it is healing and I've done everything I should have to help it heal.  I just want to be able to garden in the spring!

Hope you and yours are having a great week and that we all get an early spring!   Stay safe!


grammajudyb said...

It would be nice to have a bubble! We have no family near enough! I miss sharing of a meal! Hopefully that will return this summer! I alway think it’s fun to spy fabric on someone’s post that I also own I have that little vintage stripe in 2 colorways!
I’m sure you are glad to have your husband home and I’ll bet he’s glad to be home,

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Michele, you are so fortunate to have a bubble like that esp. with the sharing of wholesome food which is a winter requirement it seems. Happy your Hubby is home safe and sound and yes to the doctor giving your knee a check out. Best to be on the safe side and take care. Don't want to push it and do further damage. And now you have the extra pair of hands around for back up.

LA Paylor said...

Kerry is getting so big! I loved seeing them play, didn't show milo since he'd be so jealous

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I'm sorry about your knee - sending good thoughts for healing, Michele! We definitely want to see your amazing garden this Spring. It sounds lovely to have people to share cooking with like that - I'm tired of my own cooking! said...

Glad your knee is healing, and think about it, lucky it was during winter and not spring. How cool to share cooking. I love to cook, but I make too much still, so I send it off to my daughter's house. We have been warming up and melting a bit too. Love your applique.

PaintedThread said...

Great likes (except for the knee - I hope that heals well). Scout and her friend are a hoot! I really like you applique. Take care!