Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Virtual Lehigh Valley Quilt Study Group

 Good morning how are you?  For those of you who aren't aware of my passion for antique and vintage quilts let me explain what a quilt study meeting entails.  Members meet and bring along their old quilt treasures so that the group can learn and study the pieces.  It's a wonderful way to study textile history and our group, about 15 years old now, meets every other month for "show and tell" meetings.  Alternative months there is a group that studies books about quilt history which folks read and discuss.

Because of the pandemic, we aren't meeting right now so I thought I would post some photos of some of my quilts and encourage members to email me a photo of their quilts as well.  I hope you all enjoy!

The above quilt I found locally.  It is a signature quilt and the pattern is favored among Pennsylvania quilters.  This particular quilt is in tough shape; it appears to be from prior to the Civil War.  I am guessing this not only because of the fabrics on the piece but because I researched many of the names and some of the folks passed away before 1860.  The county that it was from was in the coal regions, mainly Northumberland and Franklin Counties.  The block is referred to as an "album block".

This is an unusual sunbonnet quilt top.  I've seen about a half dozen of these through the years but never found a published pattern.  I SWEAR I saw a similar figure on a feed sack quilt but do you think I could find that photograph now?  I did however, find images of feedsacks from the "Sunbonnet Sue Company" like this one--the sack is right under the man's face:

This turn of the century quilt top has some wonderful embroidery!

And it is dated: 1908.

A vintage summer spread (no batting) that is tied.  This is what we refer to as a "quilt kit"; customers bought pre-stamped blocks, embroidered the blocks and made them into a quilt .  The kits were published in 1937 and described the puppy's day.

I found this interesting post (here) from a guild who had a member share some vintage baby quilts that you may like to study.  


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Kathryn said...

Missing you all. Thanks for a look at your quilts. I especially liked the link to the show and tell of baby quilts. The one that caught my fancy is the one of the puppy on the pier looking at the sailboat. We won't be going to our cottage on Lake Erie this year, and I'll miss the calming feeling of looking out over the lake.