Thursday, May 14, 2020

I like Thursdays: May 14, 2020

Good morning all!  Today we celebrate things that we like and fill the internet with positive energies.  Be sure to check out other positive posts by visiting LeeAnna.

It's spring and despite freezing temperatures and snow last Saturday, most of my plants made it through.  Today is the beginning of more seasonable temperatures!

Happily, I had moved hostas before the cold.  Nothing kills hostas (except maybe deer) and they survived the cold well!

The cold drove me to the sewing room and I finished my Christmas top!

I love these prints, in particular this one:
I swear my Nana Betty had wrapping paper like this blue background Santa print.  As a matter of fact, it seemed like she used the wrapping paper for nearly a decade.  This wouldn't be surprising.  She and my grandfather had survived the Depression and if wrapping paper was on a sale after Christmas, I am sure she bought a ton of it.  

Thinking of this made me laugh.  Some of us remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 1973--yes it was a thing then too.  But why I remember it was because my grandparents had huge cases of toilet paper in the attic.  While the family was lamented the latest shortage (oil, beef, were other products that were either unavailable or too expensive), my grandfather ate his Swiss cheese and crackers in his rocking chair.

"We're prepared," Pop said with great satisfaction, "aren't we Betty?"  

The idea of hoarding back then wasn't a social concept although we teased them about all the stuff they had and saved. Nana and Pop were just frugal and always prepared.  Having three kids at home plus  my brother and I meant the leu was bound to be busy.  😁

Scout and I did a lot of walking in the local parks this past week.  It was good therapy!

Well I must get out to the garden as the weather is finally warm enough to plant my tomatoes and annuals.  

Have a wonderful week!


Home Sewn By Us said...

Good morning, Michele! Wow, it is warm enough to plant your tomatoes and annuals?! Today is the first day we are supposed to have weather above 50 and out of the 30s at night. We'll see if it lasts. I am ready to plant some tomatoes . . . once I pick up the plants at the nursery. I love how your Christmas quilt turned out. I am certain I had some of that Christmas paper myself - like from Current, I believe. Your walks with Scout look lovely - plenty of nice views to enjoy. Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

PaintedThread said...

LOL - I had no idea that you could kill hostas. We used to have santa ornaments on our tree that looked just like that santa (position, trim, the works!). Looks like a beautiful walk. How nice to be able to get out and about.

Libby in TN said...

What about margarine tubs? My in-laws stockpiled tubs and Coca-Cola. Talk about flat soda!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That Christmas quilt is adorable, Michele! I'm sure we had wrapping paper like that, too. Just looking at it brings back that feeling of being a kid at Christmas! Glad you got to walk at the park this week - it looks like a beautiful spot!

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Yes, a Christmas Quilt. How cute. Your parks are so inviting. I miss my walks cause it’s too hot in the mornings already.

piecefulwendy said...

So many pretty photos! I keep scrolling back and forth to look at them! You are ahead of the game, working on Christmas quilts!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

So happy your plants are doing well. I don't know how, but the daffodils have survived snow flakes and cold temps here. Won't be planting for a week because it is not consistent enough just yet.
Isn't walking outside so wonderful! I find Murphy is a great incentive to get out too. Dogs adore their walks.
Love that print too...looks vintage which seems to be coming back in style.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad you got to walk so much this week with Scout! We went back to work this week, so sadly my pups have been down a bit on walk frequency, but hopefully we'll get out this weekend. Your Christmas quilt is so cute, I love that blue Santa print, it feels just a little vintage :) said...

The Christmas quilt is awesome, and your comment about saved wrapping paper made me smile. My daughter's father's family were obsessive about saving gift wrap and reusing it. They too lived through the depression. Nice walk, and lovely pictures. The forget me nots make me smile.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your Christmas quilt. It's so nice to get outside. It's been something I can do even during a quarantine. We've had some cold mornings this past week but our plants seem to be okay too. I want to get a few tomato plants but I think it's still early for us.

LA Paylor said...

forgive my lack of commenting last week... I was going through a depressed time and had to take a moment to pull myself together! Scout is ever fun companion isn't she? Milo is a clown and smart and keeps me giggling. your park is so pretty. We've only walked in this neighborhood since the shut down and I'm tired of it.