Thursday, April 30, 2020

I like Thursday: April 30, 2020

Greetings and salutations dear friends!

Well the first thing I love for "I like Thursday" is that Oxford scientists have had promising results with a covid-19 vaccine.  It will still be months until their study is done...but it is a faint light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course, this news is making other researchers work even harder.

I love Oxford, mostly because I love PBS and have been watching mystery shows based there for decades.  First there was Inspector Morse, then Inspector Lewis and now Endeavour.  My favorite is Inspector Lewis and that show has great views of the university.  Of course, who couldn't love the institution that brought us C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, and Lewis Carroll?
I like that we had three partial days of sunshine instead of the grey rain or overcast days that have plagued us for months.  I've gotten some gardening done and my favorite nursery is open during the shutdown--they supply vegies and herb plants and deemed essential.  It is also open air shopping.  Everyone wears masks and maintains social distance.  It's really the only place I've visited (besides checking on my Mom) since the lockdown (our groceries are delivered).

I'm still making masks but I got one UFO finished this week (or semi-finished).  I finished this top for my friend Linda and at her request, made a table runner from the few blocks left.

We continue to trim Scout's hair and she is enjoying being out in the garden with me.  One day this week we had a weird experience while walking.  Suddenly Scout stopped and jumped on a neighbor's lawn.

She was perplexed by a unique situation with a squirrel.  It ran right across the sidewalk in front of us and it was lugging about 2 feet of landscape fabric in it's mouth.  And then it started to climb a tree:
Suddenly Scout turned and began to run away.  I swear she thought it was a monster squirrel and she wasn't confronting that creature.  We haven't seen the fabric on the ground since --so the squirrel must have decided it need some extra insulation in its nest.  It was hilarious to see Scout's reaction!

Over on the Pennsylvania Piecemaker (suffrage) blog, tomorrow will be "Flower Friday" and will feature flowers of yellow, purple, and white to honor our foremothers.  Tomorrow I'll be talking about my own suffrage garden and invite you to join me!

For other positive posts, visit our hostess, LeeAnna and be sure to check on our friends who are leaving sunshine on the internet today!


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Just love that Christmas quilt, Michele...going to be a beauty;
Lovely likes here. Cute squirrel story; doing some housekeeping it seems.
My daughters Lab chased a coyote last week...Abby doesn't chase any dogs or people but when this guy crossed their lawn, she took great exception and chased it. Luckily not too far.

LA Paylor said...

these poodles! Milo is very brave until something like that happens and he wisely runs to fight another day! He's been spooked by floating plastic bags, halloween decorations, rustling leaves....
We've always trimmed him for better or worse. It's time to do again as he grows hair like he's being paid for it. Your tulips are so pretty... not much spring here altho it went from too cold to too hot

jealous that people there keep their distance... not here. They seem to take offense when we cross the road to avoid TOO CLOSE CONTACT

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That combination of dark blue sashing and bright pinwheels is so appealing! How nice to have a tablerunner from your friend's leftover blocks. Poor Scout - that squirrel must not have looked quite right to her! I'll look forward to your suffrage post tomorrow, and that reminds me to start working on my project! Happy Thursday!

PaintedThread said...

LOL. That squirrel! That's hilarious! I love those pinwheel blocks with the black (navy?). Very pretty.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Mickie! Oh, I would have loved to see Scout's expressions, etc. with that squirrel. I can't possibly imagine what was running through her mind. Like you said, monster squirrel!! We have had rain, rain, rain - over three inches in three days. Just NOW the sun came out. Ahh. It is so nice to see even though it sets in 30 minutes. Maybe we'll have a turn in the weather now. Our grass is wonderfully green . . . and growing like a weed. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne said...

Oh envious that you get to garden. We have still been a wee bit cold. I did pull weeds for a couple of hours one day. Your Scout story made me giggle.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I'm encouraged about the vaccine news out of Oxford too! I hope it works. Wouldn't it be great to get back to life as it was?? I love your pinwheel quilt. The runner as a nice bonus! It was actually warm here today and I got to enjoy the warmth. It was so nice to be outside!