Thursday, June 27, 2019

I like Thursdays: May 27, 2019

Good Morning!  How are you doing this week?  It's Thursday and that means "I like Thursday" hosted by LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color and a posts full of happy are invading the internet!

This week our puppy has been cracking us up.  She got a haircut on Saturday and is not cooperating about getting her photograph taken.  Everytime I would raise my camera, she would literally look the other way.  My neighbor couldn't top laughing at her.  But finally go this photo: 

"I'm stuck."
No you're not.  You can pull your head out anytime.

 "No see, I'm stuck"
She wasn't.  All it took was for her to hear a dog barking and she was magically released.  Ahh, the power of the bark.

When you were a kid, did you ever play with buttons?  I could be kept occupied for hours playing with my Nana's or my mother's buttons from their can.  Maybe that is why I can't resist early 20th century button bags.

This bag features the button family. 
Yes they are weird looking but I love them!
You can find more images of button family bags on Pinterest!

It's too warm to garden much this week but that's fortunate.  Next week Beth Bacher and I are announcing a quilt challenge and we are busily working on that event.  Stay tuned for more information!

Have a great day!


Julierose said...

Puppy is so funny...we will be granddog sitting this coming weekend for Kota and are looking forward to her antics..I think lol;)))

I had never come across button bags, they are so cute!!--my Grand-mere always stored here in tins and I also used to play with them...I think we tended to use our imaginations more than the youth of gizmos or gadgets...
I guess...
thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

Roseanne said...

Hi Michele! Aww, Scout - it did look like you were stuck and I'll bet you thought you were and wanted a little help and attention. Oh yes, I remember the button box. Actually it was a tin, like cookies may have come in. I still have my mom's somewhere with precious buttons inside. ~smile~ Roseanne

LA Paylor said...

ha! The power of the bark! That's one gorgeous haircut. And as to the attitude... I know it well altho Milo is a diva and expects the pup a razzi to trail him now. I never saw an antique button bag but I like them a lot! I would play with costume jewelry for hours, turning them into personalities with homes and activities! Imagination is a good thing. LeeAnna

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

A smile on my face for this whole post, Michele. From the releasing power in a bark to the incredible button family to the idea of a quilting challenge! Great stuff.

Libby in TN said...

I know I've said it before, but I love Scout's coloration! The button box -- in a cookie/candy tin, I would organize them, march them around the table, pick my favorites. My mom "loaned" the button box to her church sewing group. I later found some of my favorite buttons in one of the ladies' yard sale.

PaintedThread said...

We had a button jar. I loved to swirl my hand around in it. My grandmother had a big bucket of marbles - that was equally as fun to play with. :-) Good memories!

Silly Scout!

World of Animals, Inc said...

We just love your cute haircut. You have to be careful to not get stuck in the chair. LOL. Good thing the other dog barking freed her magically. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
World of Animals

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

My mom had a button tin, too - I loved to play with them! I've never seen those button bags, but they are a lot of fun! Scout is looking very sharp with her new haircut.