Thursday, November 29, 2018

Keeping it simple and liking it: November 29, 2018

We are keeping it seasonal here this month and I'm wondering:  what is your favorite season?  My favorite season is Spring.  I've never liked Autumn or Winter and here is why:  
too much gray!!!

How is your week going?  Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  Ours was good but quiet.  My husband actually wasn't home until after the day so we celebrated on Friday with my Mom.  I cooked and kept it simple.  My husband had to travel out again on Sunday and I didn't want a lot of leftovers.

My Mother is having a knee replacement on Monday so this season is going to be minimalist at best.  I put up a little Christmas tree and decided I like it undecorated.
I also went with a winter theme for Nana's window.  I still haven't figured what (if any) I want to put around the wall hanging.

Are you a last minute shopper or do you prepare far in advance for the holidays?  I worked in retail as a side job for years while I was raising my son.  You can't get me near a shopping area after Thanksgiving!  The grandkids are 10 and 15 and we mostly give them cash anymore (who the heck knows what electronic gizmo they are using now?).  I did make them each a Christmas quilt.  Helena's is aqua snowflake fabric.  Her bedroom is aqua:
Miles' quilt is more traditional:
They are both quilted with snowflakes on as you can see on the back:

Scout is as entertaining as usual but she has become a handful lately.  Things I KNOW she knew she is ignoring and she is acting out more.  She has taken to rearranging the pillows on the couch and sleeping up there when she can:
She doesn't listen at all when other dogs are around and her yanking me has become so bad that I'm worried about my back.  Then--I was cooking Thanksgiving and found this on the floor:
I don't like traditional thimbles.  I never have and years ago found that thimble pads work perfectly for me.

This was my last pack and Scout had eaten everyone except the one that was stuck on my sewing box (I use one repeatedly until the adhesive wears off).  I scolded her and this is the look I get:

My cousin calls this the"Who me?" look.
I talked to friends and family and just as they thought, the thimble pads did not cause her to get ill.  I'm sure you can imagine how exasperated I was when I went to use my LAST THIMBLE PAD on Saturday and learned she had climbed up and stole that one too.  

"Thank you ,thank you very much."
Scout needs more training.  I think she is going through adolescence right now and that is why she is so challenging.  I've never had to take any of my normal poodles to be trained they always seemed happy to learn what we wanted.  

My husband says Scout is just happy-go-lucky and that is why she seems immune to learning.    I found one place with great reviews and it turns out that is where my friend's daughter is going with her dog (Thanks Barb!) so that is top priority for the new year.  

Be sure to check out my entertaining posts at LeeAnne's.  Have a good week!


Jean said...

I like spring as well but my favorite is summer! I prefer the carefree season when I don't have to worry about hats, gloves, coats, and what shoes to wear just to walk out the front door. Plus, I like the warm. The sun helps. Hope Scout starts to behave better for you!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele! I agree on the grayness. It is everywhere now. Your Peace wall hanging is so pretty and serene. I love the two quilts as well, and the snowflake quilting pattern looks fabulous. Scout! What is up with you puppy?!! I don't think you belong on the couch, and you definitely do not need to eat everything you can get into. {{Hugs}} to the training! Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your thimbles look interesting to me as a quilter, but definitely not as dog treats. Naughty Scout! The quilts for your grandkids are beautiful, and will be cherished by them for years, which is the best thing about giving quilts, I think!

LA Paylor said...

OMG I am laughing so hard at Scout because now I know it's either heredity or a stage since Milo is acting out the same way. I do think it's happy go lucky. The look made me roar, and I think having seen the same one on MIlo after he destroys something, it's more like, "yeah, I ate it, so what? What cha going to do about it? "

I am on zero pulling tolerance right now as he has hurt my back and shoulder too much. Now I am using full on bribes, and saying stay with me every sidewalk crack I pass, and stopping for no reason making him come back and sit. Praise works at home, he lives for it, but on walks he is too distracted. When we see another dog, I quick step on the leash not to be pulled, and we just stay like that til the dog is out of sight or I'd be pulling Milo on his side while he looked back at it. Oy vey.
I love Fall and Fall colors maybe best. I do like cool temps.
The weather here is schizophrenic. One day will go from 65F to 20F. Sun to snow. All the seasons in one day. A person has to keep out all their clothes.
I know what you mean about no ornaments. There's something pure and simple about just white lights.

PaintedThread said...

I agree with the gray right now! I like early fall with the colors, and I actually do like the snow when it comes. But this in-between is so drab.

Quilts are cool - I love the snowflake quilting!

Scout! "Immune to learning" - ha. Good luck with the training!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like Autumn for the crisper and cool days, which make me feel more alive. I live in California so our Falls are generally sunny. Your Scout is a cutie.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh Michele, I feel your frustration...both our dogs came older to us and very hard to train. We don't walk them where there are other people/dogs etc and use those retractable leashes so they both have some leeway before it gets to the shoulder. Training is good for dogs and LeeAnna seems to have some good hints there in her comment. But also, you are right to think Scout is in a phase with the chewing and disobedience. Murphy went through a terrible time with that...I lost 3 library books and any number of slippers, but thankfully she has outgrown it. So that will abate I'm sure.
Scout is a beautiful dog so hang in there.
Meanwhile, good luck to your Mom and I think simple is beautiful too. Take care now. said...

Yep I relate to the gray. LOL Scout is much bigger than Bobbin, but I have been having the adolescent canine blues too. Bobbin was in obedience school, but....she got sick, had to come home. She will be going back on the 12th of December. She doesn't listen at all, and even to get her to just sit for a second is a trial. Good luck with Scout.

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry you're struggling with Scout. I've been having a lot of pulling problems with my newish big love- he's so strong-- I'm also trying to work with him. I'm glad Scout didn't get sick from all your thimble pads- but how very annoying! I love those Christmas quilts! The aqua one is especially my kind of colors and the snowflakes are a great winter touch!!