Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Happy May....

It's I Like Thursday, hosted by LeeAnna, feel free to visit her website, Not Afraid of Color to learn about more participants--or better still, why not join?  This world needs as much positive energy as we can create.

This week, I like BUBBLES--and so does my puppy, Scout.  These kept her frolicking on Tuesday.  Because she is a puppy she does more fumbling than catching bubbles.  It sure is fun to watch her.

Another fun thing that happened with Scout was the old tried and true squirt gun.  I'm trying to get Scout to stop eating every piece of dirt, wood, etc. outside.  Normally the squirt gun would snap my dogs out of it.  Not Scout.   She thinks the squirt gun is her personal water fountain:
I like taking photographs of things and also collect old and antique photographs.  Lately I've been playing with the idea of making greeting cards from some of my photographs to sell at guilds when I lecture.  After many protypes and printing company I've ended up with these:

I've been enjoying the cool temperatures we've had in N.E. Pennsylvania but I'll be grateful for the two days of heat this week.  Some of my plants simply need some heat to set bloom.  Others, the cool spring bloomers are blooming an exceptionally long time.  This week I like:
the many variations of columbine:

I am a city gardener.  My back door is actually a side door and five feet away is my neighbor's home.   I like when I open the back door, I am greeted by the aroma of lilies of the valley that grow between our homes.  Soon the peonies will be perfuming that area as well.  It is a happy scent.

Weigela is blooming:

I like serendipitous surprises in the garden.  Scout digs when she is tired and in an attempt to thwart her, I placed stones in her favorite digging spots.  Now I rather like the look of the stones through this bed.
Well that is it for this week.  Have a happy week!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your columbine are just gorgeous! We also grow Columbine in our garden, and this year they aren't very happy. I wish I knew why!

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Your flowers are just beautiful! mary in Az

LA Paylor said...

Milo eats gravel. I pick rocks out of his mouth every day!! So funny about the squirt gun! I got my spritzer out to spray when he bit at us and he loved it! Whee! Another game! He drank from a hose at my neighbor's this week. Made me think of all the times I drank out of a hose as a child in Tampa! Scout is a pretty puppy and delicate. They are developing on the same time table.
Potty training... Milo had no accidents for nearly a week, then last night 10 min after going out and peeing he did it in the family room.


PaintedThread said...

I love all the green and flowers! Scout and the squirt gun cracks me up. lol

Shannon said...

Scout chasing the bubbles is just awesome. That looks like such fun. And I love seeing all your different varieties of columbine!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lovely flower photos and so much in bloom already. As my Hubby would say...isn't Scout a caution!

claudia said...

Beautiful flowers. I just got some nice ones. I have a white hydrangea, and my daughter sent a pretty pink azalea. Those are going in my dog's memorial garden. I probably will plant more lavender out there as well. One can never have enough lavender!
Scout sure is a cutie and looks as though she is developing some great character!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Scout is just adorable!!! My Molly [English Springer Spaniel] used to love to chase bubbles. One time hubby made enormous ones with a hula hoop, I thought she would lose her mind chasing them. Your flowers are so gorgeous. I have lily of the valley blooming under my kitchen window, it smells so good in my kitchen!!!