Monday, August 26, 2013

So much fun at the party!

A long post to make up for a long silence:  

The party was a blast although I am still tired!  For those of you who are wondering what we are celebrating, my son Peter and Jessica threw a surprise wedding in June.  We held a party to celebrate their nuptials on Saturday.  I've been spending most of the summer making things for the event (and it was so much fun!).  Here are some photos from the happy party:

They are a great couple and that is the one thing everyone commented about--how suited they are for each other. :)

 Gift table with photos of the couple and photos from the surprise wedding

I made table toppers for all the tables and the embroidered panel below which we had hung above the food table.  These aren't quilted.  I'm taking apart all the toppers and attaching the pieces to the wall hanging for a picnic quilt for the couple (my fall project).

We decorated old mason jars with fabric scraps which we tied with twine.  I had my "Busy Aunt Beas" (Mom, Kathy, Linda, Carol, and Denise--who isn't in this photo) helping me out last week to do these small projects.  
We wrapped the mason jars, eating utensils wrapped in napkins with fabric and twine and of course the favors, homemade cookies (Pete's favorite).  My wonderful neighbor Denise wrote out every card for us--"Love is so sweet!  Congrats Jess and Pete!"

One of my favorite gifts that they received was from my friend Beth Bacher who is a quilt teacher and quilt restoration expert.  She designed and created a pillow that celebrated their wedding.  The pillow features the dress Jess wore and the Hawaiian shirt Peter wore and it was a really BIG hit with family and the happy couple:
We are all recovering this week and are grateful it is a short work week.  DH is on vacation this week and we are just going to putter around at home.  I just wanted to touch base with all my buddies who couldn't be at the party and share some photos.  We are so happy--tired but very happy.  It couldn't have gone any better!
Have a happy day!


Pinkadot Quilts said...

How fun is that? a surprise wedding!!!!

Sandra :) said...

I love that decorations will be recycled (upcycled?) into a gift for the kids - what a great way to "bridge" memories :) I recognized the meaning of the shirt and dress on that pillow before I even read the text - another great memory project :) I bet everybody had a great time!

Allie said...

LOVE the decorations and gifts - that pillow is perfect! They are such a darling couple!