Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Katie's Polka Dot room!

I wish more of photos came out but you can see some of Katie's room:
We had also used fabric for a french memo bulletin board for Katie.  Katie helped with every process for her room and I'm proud of the work she did:
 Now Denise is making a Pouf (never heard of this before but it is an ottoman) which she is knitting from...get this...old t-shirts that she dyed and tore into strips which became her yarn.   You can't tell in the photograph, but it is a great thickness and would be perfect to use this kind of technique to make a rug--which is exactly what I am considering as a fun project for this winter.  
Work on wedding party preparations continue here but slowly but surely, I'm getting things checked off my list!  Take care and have a great day everyone!

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Sandra :) said...

Fun projects - I wouldn't mind that red comfy looking chair in MY bedroom, lol!