Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scoops of love quilt

Got a recent request from our guild for this quilt.  The request was for quilts to send to children who are dealing with the trauma of the Oklahoma tornadoes.  Anyway, I got this one finished and can hand it in tonight at our meeting.  Have another set of blocks ready to go and hope to assemble it and get it finished during next week (we are on a deadline).


Sandra :) said...

Oh it's sweet - I'll have a cone please - the one in the second row with sprinkles - YUM! Some little muffin is going to be very happy to snuggle under that quilt!

Martha said...

What a wonderful cause, Mickie, and an adorable quilt. I love the way you did the ice cream flavors and toppings.

Wonky Girl said...

What a cute quilt ;-) It's very summery and will bring joy to a child.
Reminds me to quilt my Popsicle top for donation.