Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday post

Well's its been another interesting week.  Roof leaked again and sprang a new leak which brought water into my dining room.  This was during Hurricane Andrea rains and the roofer did figure out the new leak and he will be here today to rip out some things and investigate (and hopefully fix) additional things.  I know...sounds like we need a new roof, right?  

It's a slate roof and for years we replaced old slates with new.  The problem isn't the slates at all but an area of the roof that is metallic.  So we will see...

I'm grateful because I launched my first program on embroidered quilts yesterday and it went well.    
I visited the Mount Pocono Embroidery Guild and they were so gracious and welcoming.  They loved the program and it looks like I will be visiting them again.

For the next month or two I will be SEWING!  Taking some time for me and the family.  
I'll be back posting more I hope........
In the meantime, have a great day!


Allie said...

Yikes Mickie that sounds expensive...your embroidery program sounds awesome, wish I could come hear you speak!

Sandra :) said...

Sorry about your roof - I hope they can figure out the problem and get it fixed without having to replace it - we had to do ours a few years ago - it's not cheap. Congratulations on your program @ the embroidery guild, and I'm glad you're going to have a chance to get some sewing done - I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures :D Today I made 2 mesh "lingerie" bags (that mesh stuff is a PITA to stitch!) - mine are for kiddy toys rather than lingerie - I embellished them with Paddington Bear fabric, lol!