Friday, July 1, 2011

Better late than never

I missed Allie's Christmas through the year this month by a day.  I became too busy yesterday to really get back to the internet (a regular occurence these days).  Anyway the only thing I really accomplished in June were these placemats and a few hot pads which I sent to my son Peter and his gal for Christmas in July.

For all you bloggers there are two neat drawsting bags I want to refer.  I can't wait to try both of these when things calm down!  The first is from Sarah's blog  and features a panel on the front.  Clever gal, I was wondering how she got such depth and it was simple, she quilts the panel!  The other bag is offered at Linda's blog and features a more elongated bag.  For both bags you will have to scroll down so check them out!

Off to start all my work, will check in when I can!


Allie said...

Better late than never is right, and I think you've been a wee bit distracted lately, girl!!! Your projects are lovely!

Linda said...

Hi, Mickie! Thanks for mentioning the bag on my blog! It's super simple to make!

rosie said...

Hi Mickie, lovely Christmas projects... thankyou so much for the links to the little bags, I can't wait to make some...xxxx

Sandra :) said...

Gorgeous watermelon projects - I have some watermelon fabric in my stash that I should pull out ... I don't think anything says summer quite like watermelon!

I won Allie's giveaway for June *struts 'n smiles* :D Thanks for the drawstring bag links - I'm going to have a peek - I love making them - they're great gifts (the gift wrap that's a gift itself!), they're great for the environment and best of all - they're great stashbusters! ;)

I hope everything is going smoothly with mom, and I think Greta's picture should go on your sidebar ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks Mickie for posting about my project bags. I hope the instructions are easy and clear. Happy 4th of July. Hope your Mom is doing well.