Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Rainy Day in Paradise...

I've been a real slacker with the blog this year.  Mostly because I have so much going on and lately--while there is a lull in my mother's surgeries--because we are truly experiencing "April Showers"--and that means horrible photos because the light is bad.  Of course it could be worse.  Check out the weather Allie has been experiencing here.  Sorry Allie but you just made me grateful for the rain..EGADS!

Today I'm nursing a stiff back and guess what...it's going to rain again!  Yesterday I drove to the Poconos to do my Sunbonnet Program for a quilt guild.  Mapquest thought the drive would take one hour and twenty minutes but it took me 3 hours because something happened on Route 80 and the highway and local roads became a parking lot.  I did get a very scenic look at the area including a town calleded "Paradise."  Fortunately, I arrived at the guild in plenty of time because I left so early (just in case things like this happen) and had a great time there.  A lot of the members brought their own sunbonnets and it was awesome to see their support of the quilt pattern.

Now getting back to blog business.  In March, I posted that I was working on mug rugs, etc.   I'm really on this "use it or lose it" kick and particularly with my fabric.  Here's what I did with that old set of polyester stars I picked up.  My friend Linda loves Autumn colors and I did this with her in mind:

 Mug Rug

Table runner
More pics if we get more sunshine!  Hopefully soon!


Sandra :) said...

Rain is definitely better than snow, lol. We're certainly in the midst of some weird winter-into-spring weather! It was supposed to be stormy (rain+snow) blowy cold today, but it's sunny and clear, albeit fairly cool (6C) - I don't see any precipitation coming today, although that could be wishful thinking, LOL.

Nice mug rug and tablerunner!

Dawn said...

I love red and yellow together! I've been away from blogging too. I was finally able to pull a post together this morning. I hope your mom is doing better. Have a wonderful Easter.

Allie said...

Isn't it hard to take pics when it's so gloomy? I'm so ready for sunshine, lol! Glad you left early enough, yikes. That's a long drive. Especially if you're just sitting there!
Love your mug rug and table runner, what a GREAT idea. Good job!