Sunday, March 13, 2011


These are sad times. The past few months we've had disasters in Australia and New Zealand and now the incomprehensible devastation of Japan.  I've adopted my Nana's philosophy and now pray while I work and particularly while I sew.

As I take up my needle and thread again, I've also been thinking of all the people that make me so grateful.  It's true, I'm trying to balance all the bad with positive energy.  Today, I've been thinking of Martha and Mary Kerr.  who have taught me that I am never too old to learn. 

I like their philosophies.  As an antique quilt collector,  I've tended to treat everything that has come my way doorway as fragile pieces of the past that must be respected and babied.  For the most part of my collection, this is a practical philosophy...but what about the unfinished pieces, the blocks, the linens, and the tops that are less than stellar?

Mary and Martha incorporate these vintage pieces in their work. Be it reusing vintage fabric or recycling old blocks and unfinished pieces, they make beauty out of things that are often overlooked or worse, discarded.  I love their philosophies and these days, I've been going through some of these old things with new eyes, such as this piece:
When people hear I have a blog, they sometimes look at me oddly as if I am trying to be hip or something.  The truth is, I've found lots of valuable things to learn from the web and been blessed to have established so many relationships with quilters I've met while surfing. 

So thanks to Martha and Mary for teaching this old pup some new tricks and tips.  I've appreciated it so much!

Back to Japan now and praying while I sew....


Martha said...

Thank you, Mickie, for your kind words. You have so much knowledge of vintage quilts and textiles, it's an honor to be mentioned in your blog -- especially along with Mary Kerr.

Allie said...

Well I know Martha, but hadn't heard of Mary Kerr, so thanks for introducing her to me. Martha has helped me a lot too - she is an amazing quilter. When I tell people I have a blog, they look at me like I've got 3 heads, they don't even know what it is, lol. But like you, I've learned SO much from blogging and the internet - much more than I could have from books.

A very, very good idea to pray while you stitch. I haven't felt much like picking anything up....I'll follow your lead and be productive while I pray.