Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We've got drought...

and it is so challenging to keep the plants alive.  No serious rain on the horizon either.  We aren't on official water restrictions (yet) but we are definately being conservative with our water use.  I think that tomorrow I might buy some big bags of ice and throw the bags of ice under our trees.  I started raking in August already which is weird but the trees are just dropping leaves.

I'm doing a lot of sewing these days when I am not walking or playing with the boys (our pups, Seamus and Teddy).  Hope to post pictures later this week!

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Cat Street Boyz said...

Thank you for your concern about ICE! So far, no more seizures but he is on phenobarbital and Sam-e. Friday he gets more blood work done. Still there is no word on the Cornell blood results. He is behaving his normal wackiness but I am keeping him from doing his flips playing ball in the back yard for now.
Sad news about Paddie, they leave a big hole in your heart when they cross over but soon their memories fill it up. Standard poodles are so special{}^Y^{}Holly & ICE