Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun Pet Photos!

Anne over at Bunny Hill is having a great pet photo contest!  I've been enjoying checking out the photos, some really great photos (and ideas)!

We've been looking at some photos of our life with Paddie.  We could take her anywhereShe had quite a few dog-friends through her life and in 2007, she went on vacation with one of them.  Ava is the baby of our dear friends Lori and Scott.  Lori and I would always be calling each other about what our babies were doing and now we call each other (and send each other a lot of cards) checking on each other because both dogs have cancer.  At least I can say that I have had nearly 13 wonderful years with Paddie; Ava is only 7 and it just seems so unfair.

Ava at our house at the shore.
And our bathing beauty:


Sandra :) said...

Consider the lovely Miss Ava ALSO covered with maple syrup hugs and kitty kisses from us!

Allie said...

Awww - I'll be praying for Ava as well, and her family. What beautiful dogs!

Wonky Girl said...

Just reading about your Paddy this morning (computer service has been down for days after a storm). Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about the cancer. I must tell you that your Paddy and my Zoey could be from the same litter, they look so alike. Zoey is around 13 years now. She is slowing down and sleeps a lot. Zoey came to us thru rescue about two years ago. (I will have to post some pics on my blog).
Prayers for you and Paddy, also Ava.