Saturday, February 13, 2010

Queen of the Cart!

We have a little game we like to play called "Queen of the Cart" ; it's not unlike 'queen for a day.' If you get a REALLY good bargain with coupons or at an exceptional price, you get to be "queen of the cart." This week I got to be the queen with this exceptional deal. I was shopping for something else and stumbled upon this pink wool coat ---just perfect for Helena to wear for Easter and a nice extra present for her birthday this week...

I love the little pattern on it, the little roses and it comes with a hat!!!!
And I be the queen of the cart for getting this deliciuos set at a reasonable $7!!!!!

PS--can you believe we gave this to Helena today and I forgot to take my camera??? Well anyway she loved the coat and all her other gifts and wore the coat and hat while we visited :)

1 comment:

Allie said...

Oh that is too too darling - every little girl should have a pink coat with roses!!!!!