Friday, January 15, 2010

Working the stash...

I was dedicating this month to pillowcases and teddy bears for my local guilds. They donate these items to the local hospitals (pillowcases for children in the oncology ward, teddy bears for children in the ER). It has been years since I have been able to focus on any kind of community outreach; family problems have taken precendence for some time now. It feels good. It feels like I am becoming a citizen of the world again.

It isn't hard to think about donations now with the haunting images of Haiti on tv. The other day while I babysat Miles, I rocked our wee babe and watched CNN and the awfulness of it all.
All I could think was something I heard once, not sure who said it: "for today and all its blessings, I shall have an attitude of gratitude."


Dawn said...

You're so organized! It's wonderful to be able to do things like that. Do you make your own teddy bears?

I've tried to do volunteer work and dontate time but each time I commit something comes up with my daughter that prevents me from accomplishing much. I would like to feel like a citezen of the world again.

We did clean out daughter's room and give a ton of old toys and clothes to a lady we know who collects things on her own and gives them to families in need. It's nice to know it's appreciated and the items are going to people who really need them.

I don't think I can watch much more news, it all so tragic. We certainly must be grateful for what we have.


Allie said...

Oh good for you - yes, I'd like to feel like that too. I love your Quilt sign!

Vintage Knit Crochet said...

It's a special person that gives of their time and resources freely, and lovingly, for others. You are a secial person.