Saturday, January 2, 2010

Road Trip

On Wednesday, Aunt Carole and I took Helena and Logan to Roadside America. Logan loves trains and I thought Helena might enjoy it as well. Kids are funny. We left at 11 am and the kids didn't really speak much to each other on the way down; it had been a while since they had seen each other. One McDonald's Happy Meal and a visit to Roadside America, and the kids didn't stop chattering all the way home!

Roadside America is a warehouse of a miniature town. Around our part of Pennsylvania we call this a "putz"--a representation of our lives that we would put around our Christmas tree (complete with train). This one takes the cake is huge! Includes everything you could imagine---including an airport, all sides of industry, numerous trains (and trolleys), farmland and village are represented:

Below: This is the circus come to town, the circle spins so the kids can see all the entertainers and animals.
Our fascinated kids:


Allie said...

How cool is that! My hubby used to be into trains - I loved going to exhibits like this. Kids look like they're having a good time - they're so cute!

Martha said...

What a wonderful outing -- I would have loved to see this as a child. Well, actually, I would love to see it now -- it looks amazing.