Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sunday Report

Miles continues to be a sweet and contented baby. He sleeps most of the time and can lift his head (briefly) already! He is heavy though, I'm not used to holding such a big lad :)
He is coming home today and when I visited our camera shop, I noticed they do "welcome home baby" banners. Unfortunately, the banner wouldn't be done until next week so we improvised. I ordered a 12 x 24 inch photograph of Miles and just had "Welcome home" printed on the photo. Found a big ol' poster frame, used up some of my scrapbooking supplies and VOILA: one welcome home poster for new babette!

Influenza continues to be a huge problem in our valley. My son Peter has it now and fortunately, he wasn't around the baby or parents. I am staying away from him because I don't want to give it to the baby or DH--who leaves for Bolivia in two days (flu in South America--YIKES).

Yesterday hubby and I were driving around doing errands and noticed a large back up of cars---for miles. All day DH and I speculated what the problem might have been. Turned out the hospital was giving out flu vaccines at the local amusement park and cars were lined up for about 5 MILES and waited 3-4 HOURS to get it. After DH leaves, I will be hibernating a bit in hopes of not catching and getting Christmas presents completed. We are even thinking of not visiting with therapy dog Seamus until this flu thing is a bit resolved--I don't want to catch it and even worse would be to transmit it to elderly. In the meantime we are washing our hands like crazy and eating healthy. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and will just ask for the flu shot. I wish my husband would get the H1N1 shot (he's eligible) but he is resistant to that yet. Hopefully he won't get sick while he is away (I swear he catches things in the airplanes!!!).

Today we will focus on the positive things and take food and presents to the new parents after they get home. I can't wait to see Helena's reaction to her new brother!

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