Tuesday, July 13, 2021

To-Do-Tuesdays: July 13, 2021


I'm back from my blogging break and ready to take on To-Do-Tuesdays!  I hope you are all doing well!  

I have finished a few things while I've been away, mainly some baby quilt tops to keep on hand. They are simple and use up a lot of fabric and scraps.  I got the idea from Karen in our quilt guild.  It's always good to have some baby quilts on hand!

Next week's goals:

Take a top to the quilter tomorrow for my niece Christina.  Have you ever had a project that you couldn't enthusiastically tackle?  That is what happened with me and these prints.  Christina came up a few weeks ago and was exploring my sewing room and fell in love with these blocks in my UFO drawer.  She wanted some extra black so we decided on vertical stripes.  I finished the piece over the weekend and am so relieved to get this piece out of the sewing room for now.

I'm now on a gardening break because the weeding was really bothering my wrists.  Unfortunately that means no binding as well.  So I guess that means I need to find some projects for the upcoming week.  I need to start an I-Spy quilt for my neighbor's grandson so I'll probably begin that this week!

That is all my goals for now.  I'm just drifting from project to project at times like summer clouds but that's comforting as well.  No pressure for now.

Linking up to Chris at Chrisknits!  Have a safe and happy day!


Linda said...

Those are cute baby quilts! Yes I've had projects for which I've had little/no enthusiasm. Cheers to you for finishing yours! Hope your wrists get better. I love your sentence about drifting between projects like summer clouds - how perfect!

Sherrie said...

Your baby quilts are cute. I really like
your nine patches. The black really
makes it pop. Have a great day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Having some baby quilts on hand is a great idea! I also like drifting from one project to another at times - whatever suits your mood! Take good care of yourself, Michele - hopefully that garden can give you a rest for a bit.

chrisknits said...

Sometimes drifting from piece to piece is the way to go! Good luck with your goals, and thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!