Thursday, June 17, 2021

I Like Thursdays: June 17, 2021


It's "I like Thursdays" and time to post some happy thoughts onto the internet!  Visit other participating bloggers at our hostess' website sponsored by Lee Anna here!

We are grateful for the cooler weather this week and Scout and her friends have been having some wonderful visits!

The good weather means that I've been working outside!  It's good to get things pruned and weeded!  My husband finally purchased a power washer and has been working on the exterior of the house.  I've only been nagging him about this for 5 years so I'm pleased as punch!

Our neighbor asked if I had a homemade baby quilt that she could buy.  I didn't want money for the quilt and was happy to give her one.  She and her husband wanted to something in return so they got me some garden art (which lights up at night!) and a new toy for Scout!  Thanks Nancy and Dave!

We have a bevy of bunnies in our garden.  Just when we thought all the baby bunnies had moved out of the garden, we had 4 more adults in the garden looking to nest!  Scout doesn't know what to make of this invasion this summer but we are enjoying it!

Wishing you a fun and happy weekend!


LA Paylor said...

I just love the idea of trading your art for things you love... it feels so good to know your neighbors know what you and Scout like.
Scout is a beauty and her friends are so cute!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's some fun garden art! How neat the neighbors gave you that in exchange for the quilt. Enjoy being out in your garden!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Isn't that interesting...we notice more bunnies than usual here too.
How nice to have neighbours so good like yourselves to do favours for. I have not been weeding because of the humidity and then thunder and lightening storms for two days!! But it's not going anywhere so I'll get to it soon. Have a great weekend.

PaintedThread said...

I love trading for stuff (I've gotten chocolate for some small sewing projects). Yay for cooler weather. We've had a nice week this week (it's supposed to warm up again, soon).

Susie H said...

OOOOOOH! I love your garden peacock! That is so cool! How funny you've been wanting your house power washed. I've been meaning to get our power washer out too! Always something to do, right? Enjoy your week!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Michele! I can certainly understand Scout's concern over the bevy of bunnies. Poor thing! I have always wondered about buying a power washer and if I needed one. Maybe you need to nag me for five years before I listen. HAHA! I'm so glad that it is working and even more than you are pleased as punch. Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne