Tuesday, April 20, 2021

To-Do Tuesday: April 20, 2021

 It's To-Do-Tuesday!  Today we post our list of to-dos and share them at Chris' website as well!  Checking in on the party is great way to find some inspiration!!!

Last week I had only hoped to work on some of my double dip blocks and I did...although I didn't finish them and I didn't expect that I would.  It's gardening season and these days I spend most of my time filling garbage cans full of weeds!

It's supposed to be cooler later this week and I suspect that I will get more sewing done, depending on the weather and how the weeding progresses.  So for next week:

1. Weeding

2. Double dip blocks

3. Bind Linda's window runner

4. Attach binding to Jenny's and the Paris Poodle quilts.

Have a safe and happy day!


Bonnie said...

Oh my ... does weeding have to be at the top of your list this week? I was happy to see a bunch of quilting things after it. But weeding is seldom my thing ... I figure it I get two or three weeds pulled when I add seed to the bird feeder I’m doing really well! Can you tell? Gardening is not my thing. Have a great week.

Marti said...

I used to spend hours every morning hoeing weeds in my garden. At this house, the soil is so shallow that I have to use raised beds and I have been amazed how much less weeding there is. Of course, raised beds are initially a lot of work too.

chrisknits said...

Some weeks we just need to take care of other things. You'll kick it this week! Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!