Sunday, January 31, 2021

Try, try, try again

 It's snowing!  I want to thank the mid-western states and the southern states for this week's pretty snow.  From what I heard on the tv, the two storm fronts will converge right here in the Lehigh Valley and slightly north of us.  Should be a fun coupld of days!

Today I attached my third cross border for the Stay At Home Round Robin.  This week we were to add crosses as our borders and you can actually see what some of the good quilters did over at Emily's at The Darling Dogwood blog!

  I freely confess, I had some real challenges with my choices.  One border was too busy.  Then I decided to imitate Diann at Little Penguin who imitated Pat at Life in the Scrap Patch but the colors I used were too strong.  It seemed like everything I  tried distracted from the centerpiece.  I undid stitches more than anything.  Anyway, I was looking at Roseanne's piece (go to Darling Dogwood) and decided to somewhat imitate her.

This border is still not right to me but I'm going to reduce the side pieces (easy enough) once I see what the new border is tomorrow.  I also want to embellish this piece and want some spots were I can put buttons and doo-dads.  So at least this part is done now.  

Have a safe and happy day!


Angie in SoCal said...

So cute.

Emily said...

I like it! The plus sign variation looks like a white picket fence to me, and having blank spots for embellishments will be fun! Thanks for playing along!