Thursday, October 25, 2018

Balloons in the air: Things I like on October 25, 2018

Good morning!   It's 29 degrees out this morning and yet, I'm grateful I don't live where our hostess-with-the-mostess lives!  She's had snow already!   LeeAnna sponsors "I like Thursdays" and you can find other cool positive messages (and goodness gracious we need them these days) at Not Afraid of Color!

Scout and I continue to enjoy our walks in the park and these balloons tickled my fancy last week!

One sunny day, we found a turtle sunning himself :)

Doggie Friends!
Hans Solo visiting us!

Ginger, our groomer's baby!

Cleatus--who had been a friend of Seamus and Scout love each other :)

Can't forget our number one friend, Greta!

I was at a wedding last week and had so much!  Beth and I often work together and she is a dear friend.  I love her and her family!
Beth (left) and her niece who looks so much like her!

Stay safe and have a wonderful week!


Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Oh my goodness-that park is beautiful.

PaintedThread said...

Scout photos! I love that grey nose. I can see why the colorful balloons caught your eye. :-)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Pretty views and furry friends. I think weddings are the happiest of times.

Suzanne said...

Lovely park and beautiful fuzzy friends!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun pictures from your walk at the park! I love seeing balloons in the sky - they always seem sort of magical! It looks like Scout has lots of good doggy friends to play with, too!

LA Paylor said...

it's amazing how much Scout and Milo look alike. They don't look like all poodles, they have kind of a certain look in the eyes. Very sincere. I love how gray she is getting... so pretty. I see gray/brown poodles here and Milo plays with one of them. 3 years old.

Shannon said...

What did your pups think about the turtle? Did they get excited? Blue gets super super super excited whenever he sees "wildlife" but it's usually rabbits and they're probably a little more energetic than a sunning turtle. Your balloon picture is cool- I love how you got them centered in the frame of trees!