Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day 2017

"There isn't anything you can't do..."
 is what my Dad repeated to me throughout my childhood.  I think that strong women start with girls who have parents (especially fathers) who nuture their confidence.  Have a father that believes in you and you can't perceive obstacles but simply see challenges.

As we become adults, we learn that our women friends are more than simply confidants, they are our family and truly understand us.
To all my dear friends, thank you for always being nearby when I needed you and I hope I helped you as well when you needed me.  And remember, Dad said there isn't anything you can't accomplish!   Hugs and hugs, Mickie


bookkm said...

Take it easy, today, Mickie! I have to be at the library tonight but Bill took me and My Mom out to dinner. He says he won't oppress me until tomorrow. (Snort!) As if!

Sandra :) said...

I made a new recipe of soup for the guys on Women's Day. Hubby complimented me on it - my jaw dropped because normally he just eats and doesn't say anything :D Then, however, he pointed out that he was complimenting me because it was Women's Day (and even asked me if I knew, LOL!) :D If he'd just kept quiet he would have gotten many brownie points, but he lost them all by pointing out his reason for being nice, LOL! Silly man :D