Saturday, October 22, 2016

Good Thursday #5

Hi Everyone!  I haven't been emailing anyone back this week because it has been super busy.  We heard from the vet and Seamus' levels have FINALLY taken a turn for the better.  It's going to be a good while before Seamus is stable but at least there is some positive improvement!!  Seamus will always be dealing with this but we would like to get him to the point where he is just being monitored and having some quality of life.

Meanwhile..........The vet said it was okay to groom Seamus:  Jessa's Gentle Grooming did an excellent job with Seamus and Jessa took the whole day with him so he could have rests in between.  Here is Seamus before:
And the handsome boy afterwards:
It took two days for Seamus to recover from the day but we are grateful he is clean.  He hadn't been groomed since April and he definately needed a spa day (which thanks to Jessa, he got).
Doesn't he look wonderful?  

I've been traveling doing programs and that is always a good thing!  Also on Thursday we had our Quilt Study Meeting (antique quilts).  I brought this one to study, it's from the early 20th century:

Then I was off again and did another program at the Main Line Quilters yesterday!  It's been a busy week but I'm grateful to just be home for a few days and catch up!  Next week I should be able to post more regularly!  

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sandra :) said...

You take care of YOU ... and you take care of SEAMUS ... emails (and housework!) can wait until whenever :)

I'm so glad that our Seamus news is getting so positive - it's been a long haul (moreso for you and His Nibs) so this is great - I hope he continues to improve, and that his levels continue to improve/stay on the "good" side :) The cooler weather would be a huge relief too - this summer was just unbearable at times!

Wonky Girl said...

So happy to read about your Seamus making such good progress. I'm tickled for you both ! :-)