Saturday, October 19, 2013

And the hits keep on coming...

OK, not so much hits but action around here continues to roll along.  This week the repair on the front roof commenced, only to develop in a new roof on the front of the house:
So far this year, we have replaced the central air and hot water heater, had major masonry done on the house, chimney and garage, now the roof plus DH is working on the garage (see photo of dogs above).  We had structural damage repaired on the garage after we removed two trees that were alongside it when we moved in.  DH and I worked yesterday painting but he has taken over as my hands can't do much more these days.  It will be grey the same as our siding and fence.  Today he is up on the ladders doing the top parts of the garage.  Then we will do the windows.
The garden has taken a hit for sure with all the construction but it is good to get it all out of the way at once.  We will, however, have the back roof done next spring.  The roofer didn't have that on his schedule and to be honest, doing our roof is problematic.  The guys have to be on safety harnesses because of the odd pitch of the house.

Our house is 96 years old.  I'm thinking we should have a 100th birthday party in 2017 to celebrate the centennial of the little cottage.  It was the first house in this part of town and probably by that time, we will have fixed even more of it.

So I'm not on the blog right now a lot but I look forward to a winter of sewing and quiet (indoor) projects. I'm off to get some more clean up done in the garden. Have a great day!


Sandra :) said...

If you have a 100th birthday party for the house - we'll come down to celebrate with you!

Dennis and I went to the Bala Cranberry Festival today (about 2 hours away) - we had a great time, although it rained or misted he whole time we were there. I'd never been to Bala before - it's such a pretty little town - we'll definitely go back :) I'm going to go take a nap (lol) and then I think I'll go down and get cracking on the baby quilt for g-nephew Connor - I finished Madelena's yesterday so now it's on to the last one! I'm looking forward to a winter of sewing as well - hopefully after Christmas I can plow through the UFO's I didn't get to earlier this year :D


Allie said...

If Sandra comes to the centennial birthday party, I'm coming too!!! I love your cottage!!

Martha said...
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Martha said...

Your little cottage is so cute, Mickie. Gordon and I are planning on downsizing in a couple of years, and I would love to find a cottage similar to yours.