Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home again, home again...

I'm back from Cherry Hill, NJ and the American Quilt Study Group's annual seminar.  AQSG is the only group that I know of that is dedicated to quilt related studies.  If you are interested in quilt history, definately check this organization out!  You can go here to see their website.

Above pic is of my quilt, one of many that was displayed.  I took a number of courses and the paper presentations were fabulous!  There were a lot of vendors as well (see Barbara Brackman's blog for pics of the goodies).

My friend Pam bought me this laundry bag which I LOVE!!

I'm still settling in but hope to be able to catch up and post more later!  Be happy and stay safe!


Sandra :) said...

Welcome back, Mickie - I'm glad you had fun! Your laundry bag is adorable - that SBS sure gets around, LOL!!

Dawn said...

Hi - I was there and admired your beautiful quilt. Probably saw you a few times and didn't know you were a blogger.
Thanks for sharing!