Monday, June 21, 2010

Green and white garden

I didn't mean to have a green and white garden near the patio; it just turned out that way.  But I like it, especially during these hot and humid days.  I get up at dawn to water, weed, etc and by 9 am, hide away in the house.  The dogs are especially unhappy about the weather and I feel bad that they aren't getting more exercise (basically, they go out, run for 2 minutes and bang on the door to come back in).

Good thing I have a bunch of quilting projects to work on and a few research projects going as well.  It's good days to get some sewing done!


Patty Moore said...

I love the green and white garden. Very refreshing! And I know what you mean with the weather my little ones feel the heat as soon as I open the door and run right back into the cool air conditioning... LOL I guess they know what is best.


Allie said...

Your garden is so pretty! I don't know why, but I sure don't feel like sewing in the heat - and that's with the a/c running!

Sarah said...

Cool & calm, ahhhhh! Your garden pic is just what I needed to cool down--it's hot where I am, too.