Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Sunday!

I just got finished doing my treadmill and now we are getting ready to go visit the kids. I want to see what Nik and Melanie have done with the house since we were there last and then we are all going to lunch. Helena should be a pip during lunch, I am taking a little strawberry shortcake doll to entertain since Mel said that the restaurant isn't child oriented.
Last night and this morning I was going through my photographs of linens. I have so many and need to get them in order. I don't know about any other collector but my fear is that if something happens to me, my treasures will get tossed or sold for a song. Since some of them have family history, I am trying to document what I can. I sure would love to see how other people do that (maybe a scrapbook?). I also wish I could find a perfect way to organize my sewing paper ephemera. Not sure how to do that besides the binder method I have.
The angel above is from my baby quilt. My mother made it while she was pregnant with me :) Guess she knew then what an angel I would turn out to be (or was it wishful thinking?)! :D
Be well, do good things and be kind....

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