Friday, January 2, 2009

Sew this is Christmas...and Tubbies...

Well I spent the week before Peter got sick going through things and getting rid of what I could. My arch nemesis? PAPER. I love to tear patterns, articles, ideas, stories, etc., out of magazines and then store it neatly into binders. The problem? It feels like our cottage is under the attack of the killer binders! After two trips to the recycling center, I have whittled things downs to 8 big binders (not including research and business).
I have enough craft ideas now for the kids and patterns for quilts. One binder alone is called "Sew This is Christmas". I am using up these patterns and the tub of Xmas fabric hidden in the attic (new New Years resolution).
I used to be so smug about my fabric. I always had bought just what I needed for projects and to keep donation quilts going. I remember one fabric shop employee telling me she had tubs of fabric stashed all over her house. I never thought I would be like that.......and then I joined the ranks of "The Tubbies" last spring. I didn't have enough space for my fabric and there went tubs of fabric into the attic storage space. More tubs for batting that was left over and was just big enough for craft projects. Then tubs of craft things for the kids......ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Our doll house was built in 1917 with three (count em) small closets and one slightly larger attic closet. This house was meant for people who used what they had and only bought what they needed. It is time to get back to basics and my original outlook on our old home.
And you can hold me to it............

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