Saturday, January 3, 2009

3-2-1...January 3rd continued.....

I ran to the grocery store to get some things for Peter (he was finally hungry.....YEH) and I saw my neighbor there. He looked grim and exhausted. "Everything okay?" I asked him. "It's almost over," he sighed, meaning the holidays. "We just aren't used to all this activity...."
Although I know what he means, I feel particularly bad for my husband. He took the time off between the holidays and has had hardly any time for himself. It was a lot of activity this holiday and a lot of demands were made on him by the family. I wonder: at this point, will it be a relief to him to go back to work?
Tomorrow is Sunday and I told him: you aren't answering the phone, you aren't going to your mom's, you ARE going to go the glenn (archery range), have fun and come home and watch football. I think it is a relief to him when I throw a tantrum on his behalf.
I'll be glad for Monday at this point. Tomorrow I will take the decorations off the tree and Christmas will officially be done for 2008. It's time to think about the future!

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