Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3...looking to the New Year.......

I think I am going to post a few times today as I clean the house, check on Pete, and finish organizing the sewing room. A New Year is SUCH a cathartic thing, a fresh start, almost as good as Spring (okay maybe not so much).
Today I am working on a number of things: goals for the next year, program ideas for the quilting guild, and of course, research and program development of the antique quilts.

In February, the guild is going to have a program called: "First Quilt-Last Quilt/Best Quilt-Worst Quilt." I am giving the quilters some ideas of awards they can nominate themselves for during the program. People have to nominate themselves for the funny self-depricating awards. Some of the awards I've thought of are:

--Homage to Lisa Boyer: The Dorky Handmade Look :)

--The Elephant Award: Best Trunkated Points

--A Not so Much Study of Contrasts

--MapQuest (for those of us who have experienced challenges following directions)

There will also be special awards including The Bling Award, for quilters who rise to the challenge of embellishing their quilts or projects, The Wise Woman Award for the quilter who has been at it the longest and the Lil Sis Award for the quilter who is the newest to our craft. If you all can think of any other great award ideas, please comment!

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Karen said...

I'm in a 'sping cleaning' mood too...
the contest divisions sound creative juices are fried but if i think of something I will let you know....