Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas is Officially Over!

Christmas 2008 is officially over: packed up and out of sight until November 2009! Today I finished taking the tree down and packing up the ornaments. I later took a walk at the flea market up the street because I just needed to get out. DH was working on a fishing rod rack in the basement and Teddy wouldn't stop barking every time Brad used the saw. So dogs went into the crate for an hour and I walked around the flea market before going for the week's groceries. (see above pics for linens from the flea market). I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I like tinted linens (the parrot) and of course the little Overall Sam sack was too cute to pass up. Things were reasonable too (for my cheapo purchases, 75 cents is so my style).
Tomorrow morning I'll do the cleaning and then start the 2009 work. Right now I am working on a list that I have broken down to two areas: the long list (long term goals) and the short list (broken down by weeks). The problem isn't all that needs to be completed but being realistic in my expectations.

I take Peter to the urologist tomorrow but he was already saying today that he was feeling better enough to drive himself. It is up and down with him right now, he still experiences painful outbreaks from the stones.

Tonight I am just tired so I am just going to work on my list.
Be well, do good work and hug each other often!

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Sandra :) said...

LOVE the linens - great haul!! I used to buy a lot of vintage linen on ebay so I have quite a collection. I've been cutting up and using the pieces that aren't in very good condition - fussy cutting the embroidered parts and the lace trim, and decorating gift bags etc. :)