Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cleaning Days...

I'm in a cleaning phase right now. I just can't get comfortable in the mess that winter brings. I look outside the window and it is half snow, half ground and looks dirty. The inside of our home is a disaster what with the salt and the dirt the dogs (and we) drag in. And of course, we have a mountain of wash these days, all our bulky clothing that needs to be washed. All this and of course, it is going to snow today--apparently a major snow event.

Seamus is clean too--he went for his grooming and because he is so young, he still doesn't have the drill down. This was his third grooming. The groomer had problems drying his hair and when she plucked his ear hair (a necessity for poodles), he began to yowl. I never talk about his personality and he is one howling boy. I call it a howl although it is a really loud whine, he may be excited, or happy but he always sounds AWFUL--like he is being tortured. He is REALLY loud when he is behind you in the car (did I mention he is 60 lbs or so?). He can howl so loud that when we are driving people a half a block away turn to see who is being beaten.

So he began to howl when poor Jen did his ears. People in the store stopped to see what the groomer was doing, customers in line checking out grimaced and turned to see who was being tortured. All I can say is, Sorry Jen and give her a nice tip.

Well I am off to do more wash and have to shower to get ready for my checkup.
Be well, do good work, and always be kind.....


Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Oh, I love the embroidery design!! Very cute!!

Queen of Dreamsz

Patty said...

Poor Seamus! I would howl too if someone was plucking hair out of my ears. I love that embroidery! Did you stitch that? Where did you get the pattern?