Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well my premie quilt didn't turn out quite as I wanted yesterday and now I have to redo that for my guild. Today I spent at my Mom's--keeping the puppies away from DH while the Eagles were playing (YEHHHHH EAGLES!). When I came home decided to treat myself with some alone time in the sewing room. I started playing with some machine applique. This was an experiment (unsuccessful) but VERY educational. I did okay with the fusing but learned a lot about stabilizers afterwards. Like I should have used a satin stitch to hold the applique down because of the kind of stabilizer I used. I also learned I had a lot more stitches than I thought on my machine (I never use the fancy stuff, why, I don't know).
Anyway, I am going to do some kind of birthday banner for Helena (her birthday is in February) and thought this cupcake would be cute. Not sure about the fabrics but sometimes I have to look through the camera's lense to check on my values. I think I will have fun with this!

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