Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday

It's been a very eventful (and expensive) week of dogs this week but we made it through.  But fortunately...
Ted is feeling better.

 We have one last road trip today.

 Seamus is getting his annual today at the vet's.  You can tell how excited he is:
"Oh Goodie, more shots."
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Sandra :) said...

Oh dear - I'm very familiar with those "very expensive" weeks when it comes to our furbabies - what happened? Was it just the regular (but still expensive, sigh, lol) check-ups etc.? I hope the puppers are doing well! PML @ that roadtrip picture - how appropros!

Melissa said...

Oh those vet appts. can get costly. But when they are happy, lovey, silly and hungry, its the best. I still love how my little Dawber looks just like Seamus, same ears, all of it!
Only Dawber would come up to his knees maybe! Would love to see them side by side! Love my yappy little poodle!
Ohhhh that little road trip pic is adorable!!!!! Nothing better
than vintage.

Allie said...

SO glad Teddie is feeling better!!! Seamus doesn't look thrilled, does he, lol...I was talking with my aunt tonight, and she's decided that when she retires, she's getting a Standard Poodle. I was thrilled!!!