Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Give-Away!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!  
I hope you all have a great and relaxing day!

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would offer a give away to all my wonderful followers!  
This is particularly significant if you enjoy embroidery as much as I do.  

Some of you know that I have been collecting old embroidery patterns for ages and was fortunate to inherit some from my grandmothers as well.  Well recently I acquired a bag of vintage transfers from a friend's family member:

I weighed the bag, it is over 2 lbs of transfers!   We want to see that they go to a good home.  No, I won't even look in the bag because it is too tempting and I promised my husband I would pass it on, not store it.....

 Because I love sunbonnets, I will even add some sunbonnets to the mix:
Of course there will be the usual addition of fat quarters and thread for the winner but mostly I want someone who loves embroidery to take the bag.  How to win?  Just leave a comment on this thread if you are a follower of the blog...maybe tell me how old you were when you began embroidering!  Winner will be chosen on May 15, my son Peter's birthday...because he made a Mama out of me;  I even went into labor on Mother's Day!
Good luck and have a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

Ohhhh what a lovely give away! I'm finally after many years getting back into embroidery. When I was about 10 my mom let me loose in her emboidery basket. She taught me basic stitches and let me sew my little heart out on pillow cases and a few doilies. How I wish I had mom's embroidery basket now. Thinking I may start up a small one for my grandaughter! Making memories, its what its about!

Linda Ruthie said...

Happy Mother's Day!
I remember, I was also about 10, choosing pastel floss and a printed dresser scarf at the 5 and dime and my mom teaching me the stitches to embroider it. I'm not sure I ever finished that project but I have embroidered ever since. A few years ago when I fell in love with vintage apron patterns, I also fell for the embroidered tea towels and crocheted potholders that made up the kitchen linens of our mothers and grandmothers. Most of my embroidery now is on tea towels. I've been trying to choose a 'days of the week' set to make for my very own.
Thank you for a chance to win this fabulous giveaway. It would make a great birthday present for me this week. ;-)

Allie said...

Happy Mother's Day Mickie! Holy cow you hit the jackpot. Why do I never find these, lol! What a great give-away! Can't believe you went into labor on Mother's Day, have impeccable timing...

Just Sew Sue said...

I can rememer doing embroidery when I was about six and we did crosses on gingham for a pyjama case. I've only recently rediscovered embroidery.

GardenOfDaisies said...

WOW! What a big bag of embroidery transfers! I don't know for sure how old I was when I started to learn to embroider... I remember having to demonstrate that I could do stitches for a girl scout badge, so I know that I'd already learned how by age 9 (4th grade). When did I actually learn? Some of my earliest memories are of watching my Grandmother embroider. She didn't mind when I played with the floss in her tin. I'd get to stay at her house for a couple of weeks at a time and I think I learned a lot just from watching her. We moved far away when I was only 7, so it had to be before that.