Sunday, May 20, 2012

Batter Up!!!

 It's Baseball season!  We left attended Helena's game yesterday, doesn't she look wonderful!!!  That's her Daddy behind her.  The team had been undefeated until yesterday but the girls seem to take their loss in stride.  Afterwards we had lunch with the kids, then visited Lori and Scott.  It was a grand day...

That is until I went grocery shopping and scrapped DH's car :(   I'll be hanging out in the garden and sewing   for therapy a while.  I know it can happen and that is why it is called "accident" but I don't feel better about scrapping DH's "baby".  He's been wonderful about it but I still feel really awful about it.  
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!  I'll be doing wash and sewing for most of today but will hang out in the garden as much as possible


Sandra :) said...

Hubby and both kids are outside in the blazing sun cleaning out the veggie garden and the back yard flower beds - this is planting weekend :D I hate the sun so I'm staying inside and doing housework! I know it looks like I'm playing on the computer, but looks can be deceiving. Or not! LOL!!! Actually I'm making the menu/recipe list for the week - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I hope you're OK from the accident - what happened??!?!

Allie said...

Baseball must be the most civilized sport - I hated it when my brother played soccer, it frequently snowed during games. Yuck. Oh Mickie I'm so sorry about the accident - are you ok???????? Holding you close in my prayers hon!

Wonky Girl said...

Oh my, if I had a garden like that- I would find a shady spot to set up my sewing machine.
Sorry 'bout the "accident". Reason why I never get behind the wheel of DH's vehicle. LOL
My goodness, grandchildren grow up fast don't they?
And I'm glad to see your poodle kids are well.