Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Fever

I have these weird feelings lately. I feel like it is late in the year and I am rushing to get things done because I am making some Christmas presents. I feel like before I know it, the opportunity of "time" will be passed and things will be really chaotic. It's as if something is right around the corner....and then I remember, something is.

Before my friends think that I have lost my mind, experiencing post traumatic stress, or in some funk, let me remind you that warmer weather approaches. It may be 34 degrees out but the longer days and frequent sunshine has me in the midst of spring fever. I am so ready to roll up my sleeves and start cleaning out the flower beds. I can't wait to brush aside the leaves and find soft green shoots sticking up from the soil. I love spring. I love the long light, the ability to work in mild temperatures, the smell of the earth as the garden reawakens. Once spring gardening begins, I will hardly be in the house. I will be outside every moment I can.

It's the season of hope, the season of rebirth. It's spring and it will be here soon!

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