Monday, March 9, 2009

Never say never....... my motto today. Helena is 5 and when my cousin was expecting her first baby, I passed on the baby things we kept at the house for Helena. I figured my Aunt (who was watching the new baby like I watched Helena) could use the stuff at her house and she did.....and it was swell for her.

Last week, my Aunt called and asked did I want the stroller and things back....or she should pass them on? I didn't see any new babies on the horizon and told her to pass them on.

Last week, my friend Juju sent me a quilt pattern and I didn't think I would use it because heck, I am hardly doing as much piecing as I used to and then there was Patty Pat who posted some lovely bibs and burp pads--I did print those instructions out but they are MIA now (how can things get lost in two days I ask you).

So I found the quilt instructions, called my Aunt and she hadn't passed on the stroller and baby things and I am still hunting for the bib pattern. But my motto is now....

never say never


Sandra :) said...

Hey girlfriend - is this the bib pattern you mean?

Never say never - and get sewing!!!

Karen said...

Mickie...this is why I'm a pack-rat...we will always 'need' it again at some point! lol.