Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whew another crafting day done with the girls!

Well we managed to survive another crafting day with the girls! We are working on crafts for Christmas. In the morning, Helena and I made little Xmas tree ornaments of stockings; Helena decorated them and made presents for Mommy, Daddy, and Pop Punkin (my DH, it is her nickname for him).

This afternoon Katie (our neighbor's daughter) joined us and we did a fun craft that I had read about in a magazine this year. We had bought crayola air dry clay and DH rolled it out for the girls. Then we used cookie cutters to cut shapes out and the girls decorated the shapes with whatever we could find in my craft stash: buttons, glitter, beads, etc. The girls had a blast! They made two trays of ornaments and we still have half of a tub of clay left. Great stuff and they are very excited. Now we are just waiting for the clay to dry out (for the next craft day we will put the ribbons in the ornaments and attach bells to them). A great memory for us all!

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Sandra :) said...

Perfect use of glitter and buttons and beads - I bet the girls will remember this fun for a very long time! I have those gingerbread buttons !!