Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Poodles and a Nana

Well I decided to go this route for crafts and sewing since my sewing pals all seem to have blogspot. I'll use the yahoo for DH whenever he is away.

I'm Mickie or as I am known to my darling granddaughter, "Nana". I live in eastern Pennsylvania and love to quilt, embroider, bake, garden and collect old quilts and quilt patterns. I am particularly fond of sunbonnet sue patterns because after having all brothers and all sons, girls are a welcome addition to my world :)

I live with my DH and three standard poodles (the big poodles): Paddie (a girldog), Teddy and our big ol' baby, Seamus. Four years ago when our granddaughter was born, I left my job as a college administrator to spend more time at home with my family. Both of our sons are grown and moved on in their lives, one married (Helena's Daddy) and one is out of college and found the right girl.

This past year, I began a different journey after caring for my sick husband for two years. I am now studying to become a quilt appraiser and doing all sorts of research on quilting and specific antique quilts and patterns. This is going to be next career now that Helena is getting ready for Kindergarten next year and my husband has recovered as much as he will from his fall.

Each day is a gift and I have many blessings in my world, including my family and many, MANY wonderful friends.


Sandra :) said...

Prisoner Spice!!! So nice to have you @ blogspot --- I'll bookmark your blog so I can see when your updates come through! Give Miss Helena a little huggy from your bloggy spicy friends ;)

Karen said...

Hi Prisoner Spice! I just went to the other one and LO! and made a new (Southern Spice Karen)

tiami said...

Hi Micki

just want to say Hi

Tina / Sweden