Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Today it has been raining ALL DAY long. Tomorrow we are possibly getting snow. I did some Christmas baking today and made DH's favorite, peanutbutter blossoms (the kind with the hershey kiss in them). Pulled most of the Christmas presents out of the attic and did an assessment of what we have.

Once again, we--okay I--have got more than needed for Helena. I got her a doll that looks just like her and a ton of clothes for the doll. At nearly 5 years old, she is just getting in to the phase where she will dress and undress her dolly. Helena loves to play hide and seek and whenever anyone comes here, she runs and hides. I am thinking we might do hide and seek with her Christmas presents (like a treasure hunt with clues). I'm also making a quilt for her dolly who I am secretly calling Ruthy (like a doll I had at her age by the same name). I wish DH would make her a bed but we have already so much stuff that I can't justify it.

Christmas sure is fun with a young'un around again! It just makes my heart sing to think of surprises for our best girl!

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