Thursday, December 25, 2008

Highlights: Christmas 2008!

We discovered the website for Norad's tracking of Santa Claus and had a wonderful time with that. Helena kept shrieking when Santa would go to another destination with her 4 year old logic: "Santa is moving to where it is blue and green!" Great Christmas Eve.
Everyone arrived at our home early this year and the day was filled with merriment and love. Not one meanspirited or impatient word was spoken. The boys had a blast being together, everyone hugged and kissed often, and too much food was consumed. It was a rare moment in anyone's world: a perfect Christmas.

Helena loved her gifts and most of all the bed Jim built for her. She was excited about the treasure hunt for her presents. She even chastised us that she "could figure out her clues" and indeed she could! There was so much delight in her face today, it was the best present of all. Everyone should have one perfect holiday and this year was mine. It was a splendid day.

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