Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Slight Respite during the Holiday...

"Heap on more wood!--the wind is chill; But let it whistle as it will, We'll keep our Christmas merry still."--Sir Walter Scott
Today we had resolutions to get lots of things done at home but I had cabin fever so DH agreed to take me to the flea market. We never go to this one together but we had a wonderful two hours wandering through the various stands. DH found a vintage bamboo fly rod for his collection of rods he is restoring. I found some vintage embroidered bibs (never used) that were extremely affordable and I liked the animal transfers. I just thought they were adorable and well done so we picked them up. Not sure what I will do with them yet. I also found a wonderful coloring book that must have been vintage (no copyright) and was written and illustrated by women who only listed their husband's name. I'm thinking of using this to do a redwork (but in blue thread) quilt later on when I can sew again.
We were home in two hours and resumed our shoveling out of the house...he in the basement in his fly rod nook, me in the attic in the sewing room. We worked a few hours and then went to visit our neighbors too cute puppy, Rascal (great name for him too---SO WRIGGILY!). Afterwards, we had a casual dinner of small snacks and just vegged in front of the television.
Yesterday we had a great time because my friend Leslie and her three children came to visit. The pups were at Woof World and only Paddie was here to greet them. This was such a great experience for her (she tends to be overlooked since we got the puppies because she BEHAVES WELL). She got lots of strokes and had so much fun with the children. It was great to see Leslie and her kids are wonderful. They did crafts and we all munched on snacks (congo bars...YUM)
We were particulary pleased because the kids were a bit unsure around Paddie, especially Kev who is the youngest. By the end of the visit, the kids were having so much fun hiding toys for Paddie to hunt, that they didn't want to leave. And she didn't want them to leave either, she sat on Amina's feet as if to keep her planted at our home :)
Tomorrow is my mother's big holiday party which is also a wedding shower for my cousin Justin and his fiancee Kristine. It should be a great time with the family. Afterwards we might feel a bit holi-dazed or should I say holly-dazed? :) We love the small gatherings with our friends but the big ones leave us a bit overstimulated. There's sure to be over 30 people at my Mom's. Poor Brad... This afternoon, his mother called to invite him to her house (during the party)because his siblings will be visiting her. So now he tells me that he will have to slip out of mom's party to visit them for a while. Never a dull moment!

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